Augmented Audio Developers Program

The Sound of AR

Our Vision

What you see in augmented reality is only part of the experience. To create a truly immersive and compelling journey, we believe in augmenting what you hear in addition to what you see.

Sennheiser AMBEO Augmented Audio is “the sound of AR” – blend virtual 3D sound with your real acoustic world and have full control over it.

The Developers Program is aimed at sound designers and game developers who are eager to create augmented audio apps and creatively explore audio interactivity.


Watch now to learn more about the AMBEO vision and launch of the Augmented Audio Developers Program at SXSW18.

Our toolkit

All the creators selected will receive a free toolkit, comprising the hardware and software needed to bring Augmented Audio to your augmented reality experiences on iOS devices. On the hardware side, the kit includes the Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset for recording immersive binaural audio and featuring Transparent Hearing, complete with sealing in-ear tips and our prototype head-tracker. Software includes the AMBEO 3D binaural audio software library, the application programming interface for the AMBEO Smart Headset, and a fully functional AR demo project using Apple AR Kit as an example.

AMBEO Smart Headset

Use AMBEO Smart Headset to effortlessly add 3D immersive sound to the AR experience you are developing. These high-fidelity Sennheiser earpieces are fitted with professional quality omnidirectional microphones for binaural recording that capture the sounds of your environment in 3D binaural audio, just like your ears hear them. Your users will be able to listen to the binaural recordings through any pair of headphones to experience 3D sound with lifelike depth and relive the feeling of the original experience. Additionally, these microphones enable the Transparent Hearing and Noise Cancellation features that allow you to blend the sounds of your surroundings with the AR experience you create or tune them out. Explore applications that will benefit from this feature for your users wearing the ASH!

3D Audio Software Library and API

In our Augmented Audio toolkit, we provide developers with our proprietary audio engine for dynamic binaural rendering and virtual acoustics — in other words, a versatile and high-quality 3D audio technology for headphones. Not only we grant complete freedom over virtual 3D acoustic space, but also – exclusively for developers within the program – we give access to the AMBEO Smart Headset API, so that configuration and feature set can be customized to best fit the needs of a user’s application.

Features and sample app

Additionally, the Development Kit comes with the source code for a group of sample iOS apps that demonstrate the available features and possibilities. Most notably among them is an augmented reality experience that brings an entire musical band into your room with immersive 3D audio.


We provide developers with an additional, necessary piece of hardware as part of the toolkit: a head-tracker. You will receive a Sennheiser internally developed prototype head-tracker, which will sit on your forehead and feed positional information into your AR development workflow. The tracker uses a combination of gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer to create a full Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS). The information is shared using BTLE communication and has an update rate of 12Hz.

Accessory memory foam ear-tips

Additional to the standard silicone ear-tips in 3 sizes commonly packaged with the AMBEO Smart Headset product, we included memory foam ear-tips in the toolkit for our developers. We are in fact firm believers that a perfect seal of the ear canal is the foundation for great Transparent Hearing experiences.

Program benefits

Free toolkit, including AMBEO Smart Headset and low-latency wireless headtracker prototype (total worth of US$ 600).

Technical support from our AMBEO 3D audio engineers.

Highlight feature on Sennheiser AMBEO website.

Official Sennheiser social media marketing of app and creator, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube.

Featured in an AMBEO newsletter to an industry mailing list of +1400 subscribers, covering latest technologies, developer events and offers.

Further app promotion opportunities, including demos and presentation at trade shows and industry events, and mention in Sennheiser press releases.

Goodie bag including a limited-edition RS HD25 in white and an AMBEO T-shirt, shipped upon completion of the first feedback interview.