Create with AMBEO AR One

Your world, your sound rules

Behind every thrilling spatial computing experience is the sharp, sustained focus of developers and creators, who skillfully bring together the latest in visual and audio technology. Sennheiser’s new AMBEO AR One in-ear headphones have been designed to empower creators to craft experiences where real-world sound can now be blended with virtual audio – all while protecting the privacy of their work. Fully equipped to complement the mixed reality glasses from Magic Leap, these in-ear headphones will allow you to listen to a world that plays by your rules.

Creating thrilling, individual AR/MR experiences

The AMBEO AR One is equipped with Transparent Hearing mode. At the touch of a button you can choose how much of the outside sound world, captured through its omni-directional microphones, blends into your augmented audio experience. The headphones complement the AR experience by replicating spatial effects with incredible realism, helping to perceive and locate virtual sounds with pinpoint accuracy. By mixing the right level of external acoustic environment with your virtual audio world, you have the option to create truly immersive and social experiences.

Protecting the privacy of your AR/MR experience

These headphones let you shut out distracting external noise to focus on your audio content undisturbed. Their effective sealing through the ergonomic Comply™ ear tips enable a sense of insulation and privacy. This means you have more control over your audio content, while also enjoying the AMBEO AR One’s deep bass.

Extending your AR/MR experience

Light and discreet, these headphones can remain in your ear even when you have finished your spatial computing experience or development work for the day. Simply reconnect the jack plug to a compatible mobile device to extend the listening experience. The in-ear AMBEO AR One can be customized for a perfect fit thanks to a selection of individually fitting ear tips, while their lightweight ear hook design keeps them secure and comfortable.

Sound that comes alive

Behind the fantastical and immersive games that accompany our Magic Leap One device, is the perfect integration of sound quality and visuals. While building our device, we have kept our developers in mind every step of the way, and that means working in collaboration with one of the most exciting spatial computing companies, Magic Leap. Together, we are enhancing the Magic Leap One Creator Edition user experience with the new Sennheiser AMBEO AR One in-ears and the Sennheiser AMBEO Augmented Audio Lab companion app.

AMBEO Augmented Audio Lab for Magic Leap


What is “Transparent Hearing” and how does it work?

Using the AMBEO AR One’s built-in mics, the Transparent Hearing feature lets you hear ambient sounds and creates the perfect balance between your surroundings and your spatial audio experience.

With Transparent Hearing, the right level of external acoustic environment with the virtual audio world can be mixed.

Why are there two levels of Transparent Hearing?

Medium Level: Surrounding sound is blended in at a natural level.
High Level: Surrounding sound is amplified, so you can hear every nuance.
Transparent Hearing is off: Only the audio from the media device can be heard and enables you to focus on the audio content undisturbed.

Why are there microphones on the earpieces?

The AMBEO AR One includes one omnidirectional microphone on the outside of each earpiece. These microphones are designed for the Transparent Hearing function. Through the natural positioning on your ears AMBEO AR One provides perfect spatial accuracy.

Can I make phone calls with the AMBEO AR One?

No, the headphones are designed for listening to spatial computing experiences.

With what products is the AMBEO AR One compatible?

The AMBEO AR One is designed for use with the Magic Leap One, but can also be plugged into any media device with a 3.5 audio connection (e.g., for music enjoyment).

How does the AMBEO AR One connect to the Magic Leap One?

First insert the AMBEO AR One ear hooks into your ears before putting the Magic Leap Lightwear on. Ensure that the cable is routed in front of your body and that your freedom of movement is not restricted. Use the supplied cable clip to relieve cable strain and reduce structure-borne noise. Plug the 3.5 audio jack into the socket on the Magic Leap Lightpack.

How to insert the ear hooks correctly?

Select the correct size of ear tips (S, M, L). Make sure that you choose the correct ear hook for each ear (L for the left ear/ R for the right ear). Place the ear hook above the ear and insert the ear tips carefully into the ear channel.

How to insert the Comply™ ear adapters correctly?

Roll the Comply™ ear adapters between your fingers and insert the earphones into the ears. Hold the earphones for at least 15 seconds so that the compressed Comply™ ear adapters can expand and sit snuggly in your ear.

Which spare parts are available for my Ambeo AR One?

Information on accessories and spare parts can be found on the Sennheiser website:
Silicone ear adapter set (S, M, L) / Article No. 528171
1 pair of Comply™ foam ear tips (M) /Article No. 508201

How long is the cable?

The total cable length is 51 inches / 130 cm.

What kind of power supply does the AMBEO AR One require?

The AMBEO AR One requires 1 AAA battery (LR03/1.5V) as power supply for the Transparent Hearing feature. The operating time is about 16 hours. Rechargeable batteries can be used as well.

How do I know if the battery is low or empty?

If the battery is low, the red LED flashes. If the battery is empty, the LED goes off and the device switches off. Please replace the battery with a fresh one (type AAA/LR03/1.5V).
Even without battery, you can still hear audio from the media device if the On/Off switch is in the Off position.

How to clean the AMBEO AR One?

Clean the product only with a soft, dry cloth.
You can rinse the silicone ear adapters under lukewarm running water. Let the ear adapters air dry at room temperature for at least 12 hours before reattaching them to the earphones.
For reasons of hygiene, the ear adapters should be replaced from time to time. (Comply™ ear adapters only have a durability of a few months due to their material properties)

What should I do if I don’t hear any sound or have general sound quality issues?

Make sure that the audio plug of the AMBEO AR One is properly connected to the Magic Leap Lightpack or the audio source you are using. Check if the volume on the Magic Leap Lightpack is at an audible level.
Also check if there is debris (ie: no dust or lint) in the headphone socket of the audio source that may inhibit connectivity and cause sound issues.

I can’t hear the bass. What’s the problem?

This is often because the earphones don’t fit properly. Select ear adapters of the correct size (S, M, L) so that the earphones sit comfortably and securely in your ears.

No audio in left or right earphone speaker.

Make sure that the connector is properly inserted into the media device. Check if the cable is broken.

How long is the warranty period? What to do if the product needs repair?

Sennheiser gives a warranty of 2 years on the AMBEO AR One. To send an item in for service or repair, use our online SERVICE PORTAL and create a SERVICE ORDER:
If you send the item in for service, please include your proof of purchase.